It may happen that a debtor is established outside the Netherlands or that one of your foreign branches has a claim on a Dutch debtor. It can become very difficult if your foreign customers do not pay on time. You will have to deal with a foreign language, different legislation, differences in culture and often different payment habits. As a result, the risks are much greater than with debtors from your own country. Good knowledge about debt collection abroad is therefore very important in these cases. Our office can be of excellent service to you in this respect.

Traditionally, our firm has specialised in international law. It is important to know which law or convention applies, which contractual provisions and general terms and conditions apply and which court you are dealing with. Thorough knowledge of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is of great importance.

Did you know that it is often forgotten that in many cases you can summon a foreign debtor to appear before the court in your place of business? That is better than having to litigate for years in countries such as Spain or Italy. By obtaining a so-called European Enforcement Order (EET), a Dutch judgment can be enforced directly abroad!

We can advise you on this like no other and choose the best solution for you. Unfortunately, very few people really understand this complex matter. Feel free to ask us for a second opinion.

International litigation experience

Thanks to our many years of international collection experience, we are able to select the most suitable collection procedure for each country. Even when we cooperate with our collection partners abroad, we remain your permanent point of contact. Your permanent collection lawyer will monitor the progress of the collection procedure, supervise all collection activities from the Netherlands and remove any language barriers for you.

For more than 25 years, our collection lawyers have been working for a number of large Dutch and foreign insurance companies, including Euler Hermes and Credito Y Caucion. Our clients include embassies, including the Spanish and French embassies. This has given us a great deal of knowledge and experience in international trade cases and litigation in debt collection cases. You will not find this with other lawyers or bailiffs.

International network

In order to exchange knowledge and experience quickly and effectively when it comes to international problems and issues, our firm is part of a European partnership of law firms, Euravocat, with offices in Europe's major cities in 16 countries. As a result of this membership, we have been able to successfully conclude many cases. If necessary, we can obtain all the necessary information about debtors, local remedies and applicable law from the member firms within the network.

For more information about our Euravocat network, please visit our website:

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